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Praise for Nick Percival’s Legends: The Enchanted

The buzz is out! Comic fans are getting more and more excited in anticipation of June 30th and the release of Nick Percival’s “Legends: The Enchanted.”

Here’s what reviewers have been saying:

“…the art is right up front what Percival can do. It’s dark, gritty and at times frighteningly realistic considering the subject matter. Each panel is a swirl of color mixing the hues of pale, sickly flesh with vibrant background colors or the splash of blood as Jack the Giantkiller slays a jilted giantess. Even if you hated Percival’s writing, which you won’t, you’ll love the artwork as it could tell the story all by itself.” – Cosmic Book News

“The art is dreamy-good. Percival clearly summoning the likes of HR Giger and Simon Bisley, and does them both one up by telling a cohesive story, something less like a bad acid trip and more like someone just hitting away at your cerebral cortex with a steam-powered sledgehammer. These characters are sexy, they are savage, they are gloriously wicked…” – Nilskidoo

“With an amazing story and beautiful artwork from Nick Percival, Legends: The Enchanted is sure to be an essential purchase.” –

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