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Nick Percival’s Enchanted

Legends: The Enchanted is set in a violent and decayed creature-infested world where strange technology, nature, and dark magic are in constant conflict. The story runs with the premise that many of the classic characters from folklore and fairytales have always existed. Known as the Enchanted, these people are now well into adulthood.

Feared and loathed by many, they spend their fractured existence as outlaws, vigilantes, bounty hunters and such, living their lives independently in an increasingly hostile world. The majority of these Enchanted have a mystic protective “charm” that allows them to sustain vast amounts of deadly physical damage yet still fully recover–they are virtually impossible to kill.

Using their wits, super-natural powers and customized weaponry, they discover that someone (or something) has found a way to break through their mystic immortality and started hunting them down, killing them one by one, beginning with the murder of Pinocchio – a powerful warrior man built from bionics, muscle and wood.

Legends: The Enchanted
by Nick Percival

The graphic novel available July 7, 2010 through all major book stores and comic shops.

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Get to know the Enchanted:


Hero for hire. Ogres terrorizing your town? Giants guzzling your livestock? Or maybe you’re the victim of a drunken troll assault? Jack will cut any creature down to size… for the right price. Pumped up on “Magic Beans,” he roams the wasted landscape looking for his next job and his next big drink.

Red Hood

Wolf hunter. A tough loner, Red lives deep in the Bionic Woodlands with her young daughter and warrior in training, Verity. All they want is to be left alone, but pity any rogue demons that stray from the path and get in their way. Wolf stew is on the menu.

Goldilox & Bear

Mercenaries. A sassy, feisty outlaw, Goldilox makes her living plundering the riches of the tyrannical elite. With her boyfriend and partner in arms, Bear, at her side, her reputation swings from heart-breaker to head-kicker.

Hansel & Gretel

Paranormal exterminators. These two siblings search for wrong-doings of the sinister, magical kind. As Gretel is blessed with psychic awareness and her brother is blessed with brawn, creatures of the night had better get packing.


Spy. When the stakes get high you can rely on Rapunzel. With unbreakable hair that obeys her every command, this master of combat and shrewd tactician leads a small group of Enchanted on the darkest of covert missions. Stealth has never looked so sexy.

The Hag

An ancient and dark witch with legendary powers. Her mysterious origins stretch back to the Enchanted’s earliest adventures. Now evolved, a hybrid of warped technology and foul magic, she’s back from the dead to destroy the living. There’s nothing worse than a hag with a grudge.

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