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Radical’s Legends: The Enchanted Getting Film Adaptation

Heat Vision is reporting that the awesome Legends: The Enchanted from Radical Publishing has just been picked up by Imagine Entertainment for a feature film treatment. Legends continues the run of Hollywood fairytale remakes, but this one in particular is definitely the project I’m now looking forward to the most.

Legends takes place in a fantasy world that’s part steampunk, part magic, and mixed in with some of your favorite fairy tale characters imagined in a much darker and more violent way than ever before. Jack is actually a giant killer, Goldilocks is a mercenary, Hansel and Gretel are psychic exterminators, and Red Riding Hood is appropriately a wolf hunter.

These legends of folklore thought they were immortal due to the powers of a charm that protects them, but after the warrior Pinocchio is found violently murdered, they realize all their lives might be at stake. It is for this reason that Jack and Red team up to find out who or what is trying to kill them.

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Legends: The Enchanted is available in bookstores and comic shops July 7, 2010!

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