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Ain’t It Cool News Calls Time Bomb #1 “Pure Gold”

Review by Ambush Bug

This is the type of comic book a comic fan jaded by the same old same old longs for. A mash-up of sci fi and the DIRTY DOZEN with heavy helpings of the coolest aspects of both. A Doomsday device is uncovered in an abandoned Berlin bunker unleashing a bomb containing a plague that will kill the entire planet in 72 hours. An abandoned military project involving time travel seems to be the only hope. Trouble is, the tech is tricky and when a military team is assembled to take out the bomb before it was discovered, they soon realize that they’ve been zapped to the heart of WWII. Written by uber-scribes Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, this story only teases with just enough sci fi to be fun without over explaining or lingering on things like paradoxes. Once the team is shot into the past, it’s pure action movie with a team of crusty pros with modern weapons facing down Nazis. This book is pure gold and far and above one of the best comics Radical has ever produced. To top it all off, the crisp and distinctive style of Paul Gulacy brings Palmiotti and Gray’s words to life. Just fantastic comic booking going on in this issue and I can’t wait for issue #2.

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