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AICN Interviews Full Clip Productions


Hey, folks, Ambush Bug here with the seventh of fifteen mighty interviews I conducted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. There were a lot of really big announcements from Radical Comics this year at the con. One of the bigger ones was the working relationship formed with Full Clip Productions, a production company out of Australia. Michael Schwarz is one of the founders of Full Clip. He’s already working with Rick Remender at Radical to bring us the upcoming film version of THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME (a fantastic sci fi crime caper miniseries out now) and at SDCC, it was announced that Radical and Full Clip would be doing two more comics, DAMAGED and PATRIOTS. I had a chance to talk with Michael about all of these projects, plus the big announcement that Sam (AVATAR, CLASH OF THE TITANS) Worthington would be producing and starring in a film version of THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME. A big fan of AICN, Michael Schwarz was more than willing to chat with me. Here’s what Michael had to say…

AMBUSH BUG (BUG): So, you’ve got a couple of big projects coming out for Radical Comics soon. So you have PATRIOTS and you’ve got some other ones coming out too–

MICHAEL SCHWARZ (MS): We’ve got DAMAGED first. Its going to be a six issue arc, it’s created by my brother John and I, but it’s going to be written by David Lapham of STRAY BULLETS. We wrote a short version of it and he sort of expanded it to comic book length. We’re turning out the scripts now. It’s about two brothers on two sides of the law. One of them’s a cop, the other is a vigilante. They’re approaching their 60s. They’re at the end of their careers and they haven’t seen each other in 35 years. There was an incident that set them down different paths, and they’ve been training their replacements. So we go into what’s been going down in the last 35 years and then it goes into what happens when they meet up again after all of this time.

BUG: Sounds great. So when is that one going to be coming out?

MS: Spring of 2011.

BUG: So it’s being written right now–

MS: Yeah, we’ve got a script for the first issue. David handed it in quick and we didn’t have any notes for it. He gets it. It’s our story, but it’s got David’s distinct voice. And we are very, very happy for it.

BUG: I saw the cover for it in the panel yesterday. Who’s doing the art for it?

MS: Well, at the moment, Alex Maleev is the only artist attached right now, but he’s just doing the covers of the book. We are in the process of signing an artist, but right now we can’t say anything yet. Maybe in New York. But we’re just getting the contracts all worked out now.

BUG: So, tell me about your other project, PATRIOTS.

MS: PATRIOTS was created by my brother (John Schwarz), myself,  Sam Worthington and another one of our friends, Morgan O’Neil. And that one is much different in scope. It’s much more epic. The only thing we can say about it is that… there are seven continents in the world. If you had to sacrifice one to save the other six, would you do it? Again, I hate to do this, but we just got a writer on board yesterday and I’m really excited about it, but I can’t say who it is yet. But I’m really excited about it.

BUG: The poster of it is really iconic. I love it.

MS: Yeah, cool. Initially, that was just going to be a teaser poster, but Radical always nail the visuals and… something that they just rushed together in a few days turned out to be so iconic. So we’re going to use that as the cover now.

BUG: So what’s comic book reading like in Australia?

MS: What are comics like? We’ve got a few comics shops—I’ll give a shout out to King’s Comics in Sydney. Yeah, we have the same shipping schedule. Wednesday over here is Thursday over there. But it’s pretty much the same over there. We get the same stuff.

BUG: So tell me a little bit about Full Clip. How did that production company come about?

MS: Yeah, Sam and I formed this company with my brother and originally it was going to be a film company. I was working with Barry on LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME and so while I had him, I pitched him some comics ideas and he really sparked to it. So he greenlit that to go ahead. In developing it with my brother and Sam, Barry said rather than do one comic for us, why don’t you do a bunch of them. So he offered us this imprint deal, so now we’re a comic company as well.

To read the full interview from AICN, click on the image below.


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