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Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Radical’s Oblivion Preview Book

Review by Mark “Ambush Bug” Miller

Though the content of this preview book only offers a mere glimpse of TRON director Joseph Kosinski and REX MUNDI writer Arvid Nelson’s story of one of the last men on earth trying to protect what little is left of civilization from underground dwelling Scavenger aliens, what little this book does offer is a feast for the eyes. This is not really a comic per se, but an image and text book. This gives each and every page sing with Andree Wallin’s luscious landscape paintings filled with alien warcraft and desolate soldiers fighting the elements. There’s an overwhelming sense of equal parts dread and wonder in these solemn images and the story reflects that isolation in the sampling that I was able to read. OBLIVION won’t be out until next year and I can’t wait to soak up what looks to be an extremely gorgeous experiment in graphic illustration.


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