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AirlockAlpha Predicts Time Bomb Will Be “A Major Hit”

Review by Jill Rayburn

What do you get when you cross time travel, a mysterious bomb, a top black ops team and Nazis? You get the newest three-issue limited run series from Radical Publishing, Time Bomb.

Underneath Berlin, a secret Nazi facility from World War II is discovered in 2012. During the investigation, a bomb is triggered that apparently has a deadly, bioengineered virus as the payload. The virus was designed not just to end the war, but to destroy all life on Earth, leaving only the hand-picked Nazis located in an underground bunker to remake the world in their image.

As the United States prepares for the virus to spread from Europe to North America, a team of four special operatives is chosen to attempt to avert the disaster before it even starts. Using the “time bomb,” the team will be sent back in time in the hopes of convincing the proper authorities of not just their identity and that they are telling the truth, but of the catastrophe that will happen if the future unfolds in the same way as it did previously. The “time bomb” experiments were shut down before being completed, and the only human to be sent back in time never returned. Given the choice of certain death in the present or potential success in the past, the team agrees to the mission.

Naturally, the team is reminded of the importance of not altering the timeline any more than is needed to avert the disaster. They are told not to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary, as they may accidentally kill someone of major importance, perhaps their own ancestors.

As with any good story of this type, things don’t go as planned or as hoped. Instead of arriving a few days or even a few years before the discovery of the bomb, the team is flung back into WWII itself, landing near a POW camp, and a team member is forced to kill in self defense within minutes of their arrival. They are still trying to save the future, but the mission has changed drastically as the team has arrived before the end of the war, and years before the contact information they have will be valid. They will have to find another way to change the future and save the world, while staying alive in Nazi Germany.

Created and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, this story is great. It combines science-fiction, mystery and action into a compelling story that keeps readers gripped from page to page, and certainly has us looking forward to what will happen in the next issue. Palmiotti and Gray also gave us some background information on the team members, but not so much as to bog it down with unnecessary details.

Artist Paul Gulacy did an excellent job, with wonderful realism to the images. I particularly liked the way he portrayed the fear on the faces of those who discovered the bomb, and those affected by its detonation. Another positive thing is the way appropriate colors and backgrounds were used to illustrate the different settings.

I highly recommend Time Bomb to anyone who enjoys historical science-fiction and the other elements found in this story. The story and the art fit together perfectly, and if this first issue is any indication, this series will be a major hit.

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