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Comics Bulletin Sings Hotwire: Deep Cut #1′s Praises

Review by Bill Janzen

For those of you unfamiliar with Radical Comics it’s the relatively new and small publishing house that’s making Marvel and DC pale in comparison visually by showing exactly what high quality art should look like on every single title. Just looking through one issue of Hotwire proves that.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hotwire just one look through this issue and that should give you more more than enough reason to pick it up. But Hotwire isn’t just pretty pictures. In this age of comic book movies it’s truly amazing that this title hasn’t been picked up by one of the major studios. With a sci-fi yet grim feel, a grabbing main character, and a story that’s like nothing else out there, Hotwire is begging for the big-budget movie treatment.

Hotwire is the story of “Detective Exorcist” Alice Hotwire. In a future where all of the technology and energy fields seem to have made ghosts visible, being called “Blue Lights,” Hotwire is the police expert on them and isn’t afraid to let the other officers on the force know it.

Hotwire: Deep Cut #1 is the first issue of this second Hotwire mini-series and focuses on Alice Hotwire’s recovery from the traumatic events that concluded the first arc. Although this is a second mini series and story arc, Pugh crafts it in such a way that a new reader can jump right in.

Perhaps that is what is most impressive, that an artist as talented as Steve Pugh could also be so skilled at writing. Pugh’s Alice Hotwire is a gripping character whose genius combined with her cutting attitude make her guilty pleasure to read. The character herself was already interesting in the last volume, while already in this first issue Pugh gives more back story which gives us a fuller understanding of Hotwire while staying just as compelling.

The first story arc of Hotwire was phenomenal in itself. The only part of it that seemed less than fantastic to me was the arc’s ending, which wasn’t bad, but was simply okay. This arc has started out, if possible, even better than the last one, and as long as they can pull off an equally great ending, Hotwire will be a comic I’ll be recommending to people for a long long time.

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