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Comixtreme deems Driver for the Dead a “solid new title”

DriverfortheDead_1_Manco_cover.jpgReview by Andrea Speed

This new supernatural drama kicks off with the main character only introduced midway through, as first we meet Mose Freeman, essentially a hoodoo man (voodoo practitioner), who gets called in on a macabre case that he does manage to solve, but it’s bigger than he can handle. Much bigger, which is how he ends up dead. This is where our main character, Alabaster Graves, comes into the picture. He’s the titular “driver for the dead”, and he isn’t just a hearse driver but deals in specialty cases, such as people who would rise as a vampire if not buried properly. Graves gets the job of driving to Shreveport to pick up Mose’s remains, with Mose’s sexy, sassy granddaughter riding shotgun. Both are unaware they’re being pursued by an evil man who see Mose’s body as the ultimate prize. The story takes its time getting going, but it is pretty good, and sets up an intriguing scenario. The art by Manco is dark but made for this genre, and the painted colors are nicely done. A sort of action movie/supernatural saga mash up, it looks like the start of another solid new title for Radical.

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