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Comixtreme Gives the Premiere Issue of Ryder on the Storm A 4.5/5

Review by Andrea Speed

Yes, I know, the title makes me cringe too. But if you get past that, and you should, you get a cracking read. And for a buck too, so what is there to complain about?

This is one of those retro-futuristic worlds, which may have water taxis and computer screens everywhere, but also have old fashioned reel to reel cameras and touch typewriters. Perfect for a throwback noir story with both contemporary and horror touches.

In this world, P.I. s also act as client advocates, so when Ryder is hired by a sultry siren named Katrina, calling with a dead man on the floor, perhaps he should have not accepted the case. He discovers this for himself when he arrives at the crime scene to find out that the way the man died is super gruesome and frankly very incriminating. Although it seems like he might have found out a reason for it that may clear Katrina, is it the right one? It doesn’t help that the woman seems to be hiding something, and the victim is a super wealthy playboy. Things get even more suspicious the next day, when he gets mail that Katrina sent to him pretty much minutes before she called to hire him. The man’s grisly death may be part of something much larger and more supernatural than he originally thought.

I’ll be the first to admit there’s nothing new here, but I am a sucker for these kinds of stories, especially if done well. This one is done well; it’s a slick machine, establishing plot and mystery right away, and giving us enough of a glimpse of this neo-noir future world to be intrigued. There’s also a nod to Steve Niles, whose Criminal Macabre seems to be the current benchmark of supernatural noir detectives.

The art is fantastic. It’s in that digitally painted, clean style that can make faces look a bit plastic at times, but you may find that easy to overlook since the panels are so gorgeous, highly detailed and crisp, which just adds an extra punch to the scenes of gruesome horror.

Okay, I admit I’m inclined to like these kinds of stories. But at a buck, it’s hardly going to cost you anything to find out if you like it or not. If you don’t, fine, more for me then.

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