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Comixtreme Says Time Bomb is A “Cracking Story”

Review by Andrea Speed

This comic feels like an action film from the get go, but that’s not a knock against it. If anything, it gives you the feeling the film is just around the corner. And why not?

In the year 2012, a group uncovers, deep underground, a huge Nazi city, with some unusual technological advances beyond their capabilities. Opening a bunker, they trigger the launch of a missile bearing an Omega symbol, and they can’t stop it or shoot it out of the air before it explodes. Shortly afterwords, people fall ill and die, and it spread rapidly. Turns out, there was a surprisingly advanced biological weapon in the form of a virus aboard the missile, and it looks to destroy the entire population of the world in about three days, save for those who could get to hermetically sealed bunkers.

Into this horror show of an apocalypse enters a government agency called N.W.O. (New World Order, not the rap group N***** With Attitude… although wouldn’t that have been awesome?) and it seems they have an experimental program that might help. It’s a literal “time bomb” – it will send people back to a specific point in time. But it’s very experimental, far from perfect, and the triggering mechanism is a “mid-sized” atomic bomb. None of this is terribly comforting to the crack group of specialists assembled to go back and warn the dig team not to enter the bunker. They’re kitted up with weapons, video proof of their story, and back story, and then strapped to the bomb.

It works, but not perfectly. They’re thrown back in time too far, back into World War Two Germany, just outside a concentration camp. They still have their mission, although it’s obviously changed, and a technological advantage over the Nazis of this era. What will they do? I bet you can guess.

Still, despite the slow start and moments of great exposition dumps, this is a cracking story and pretty fun. Also, for its price, you get a lot of comic. It’s almost the size of a small graphic novel.

The art by Gulacy is as pretty as can be. My only complaint is a penchant for swan necks and big faces that seem a bit too elongated at times, but that’s an aesthetic choice. You can live with it; it’s not overly distracting most of the time. The coloring is crisp and quite beautiful.

If you can buy only one Nazi time travel comic this week, this is the one you want to pick up.

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