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Dragon’s Lair Recommends Time Bomb #1

Texas-based retailers Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy recently reviewed Time Bomb #1 from Radical Publishing. Below is part of the review given by Alan M. Rogers.

Time Bomb is one of those series that gives comic readers a little bit of wish fulfillment without sacrificing plot. Jimmy Palmiotti really delivers in this book, showing his years of skill with careful character development interwoven with plot movement. He combines the off-the-cuff one-line wit popular with adventure TV these days with the snapshot nature of comic panels, marrying the two styles of writing with a signature flair.

The art team on this book must have been reading my mind, because when I read the synopsis for this book in Previews, I figured there was no way the kind of hyper-realized, blur-edged art Radical’s become known for in books such as Caliber: First Canon of Justice (which, if you haven’t read, you really should), Shrapnel and the critically acclaimed Hotwire could carry this tale. But the art on Time Bomb is just right. It’s very classic in style, but the attention to detail is fantastic. That detail is such a good fit with Palmiotti’s skilled writing that you can almost see the story move as you read it.

There are some fairly mature themes in Time Bomb, but instead of being garish of examples of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll used to advertise and sell the books, those themes are used to help the reader identify with the characters as people instead of super secret special agents. For the most part, this works well, but I wouldn’t recommend you let your young teenager read this without you reading it first.

Time Bomb is what a lot of comics strive to be: a good story, with unexpected twists and turns, a lot of gratuitous fun for the reader and characters you can cheer for. At 56 pages for $4.99, it’s worth picking up and adding to your pull.”

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