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Geeks of Doom Call Ryder on the Storm “Flawless”

RadicalPremiere_Ryder.jpgReview by “Jedi of Doom”

When it comes to comics, I am a huge fan of non-superhero books, I love comics that have normal characters in them. Ryder on the Storm is one of these books that grabbed my attention at the beginning and never let go until the sudden ending.

The book starts off with a woman in a towel walking through a trashed apartment to a telephone with a whining noise in the background. She calls Ryder, a private detective with his own agency, Ryder Investigations. While she is on the phone the panels cut to a shot where we see a lot of blood and then we see a man’s body covered in blood with holes in his head, in his hand’s he’s holding a power drill and there’s pills right by him.

Ryder narrates a lot of this book while he is on his way to the crime scene and while he’s there investigating. When he arrives at the crime scene, he runs into his father’s old partner on the police force. They beg him to investigate the scene in which Niles (the other detective) gets upset with Ryder because Ryder is clearly the better detective.

I’m not going to get any further with the story of this book because I do not want to ruin the rest of the story, it’s that good. David Hine really writes this story well and the characters are so strong and realistic. This is such a great crime story. Wayne Nichols is such a great and realistic artist and really brings out the characters and backgrounds. In fact, Nichols reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Alex Ross, and his art is flawless in this book.

I love this first issue and I cannot wait to see what the second installment offers. I have high hopes for this series.

I give Ryder On The Storm a 5 out of 5. This book in my opinion is flawless and perfect.

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