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Newsarama Recommends Time Bomb #1

Time_Bomb_1_Gulacy_Beredo_cover_lowres.jpgTime Bomb#1 (Published by Radical; Review by Lan Pitts)

Talk about genuine creativity here. Essentially, in the future, an underground city was discovered in Berlin where a hand-selected members of the Third Reich were going to stay, while a missile was activated and spread the mother of all viruses. Well, of course nothing goes according to plan, but I guess if the Nazis had it their way, better late than never I suppose. So, the missile is accidentally launched and the virus is spread and will destroy all life in an estimated three days. The solution? Go back in time to warn the government about the missile and the threat. What actually happens is that the small time-traveling team is sent back too far and they are now in WWII during the Nazi regime. Fully equipped to the T with modern day weaponry. So the question is, will they pull a Sam Beckett and change history for the better? It brings up a lot of questions, and I’m a sucker for a good time travel story. With fifty-four pages and NO ads, this book just can’t be beat. If you know anything about Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, you know they make a dynamite team. Paul Gulacy’s art is exquisite, adding to the serious tone for the book with proper inking that gives it the action movie feel. Rain Beredo’s color also mesh well with what’s going on, using lots of dark colors. Time Bomb is a fine example of compelling story telling and I would easily recommend this to anybody looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. It is for a more mature reader, but nothing to the degree of say anything out of the Vertigo line. If you’re a fan of history, twist-ory, time travel and adventure, give this mini-series a shot.

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