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Pendragon’s Post Praises Time Bomb #1′s Solid storytelling

Review by Patrick Garone

Radical’s new mini-series, Time Bomb, begins with a great cold open that would not have been out of place on an episode of The X-Files or Fringe. In modern Germany, a construction project stumbles upon a huge buried chamber which houses a Nazi fortress complete with a advanced missile armed with a biological weapon. Once this weapon is unleashed on the world, the government sends a team back in time to avoid the catastrophe but the team is instead hurled back to the 1940s.

I am a sucker for time travel stories. Time Bomb features a taught, intriguing story that looks like it is going to have some fun with paradoxes and alternate realities. Interestingly, the first timeline introduced, is noticeably different from our own and features a monolithic NWO global government. Perhaps the events in the subsequent issues will result in “our” timeline. In any case, it is an interesting place to start the story and one should probably read Time Bomb with a keen eye. The characters, however, leave a little to be desired: a team of hardened professionals that we have seen countless times before.

The art is crisp and clean and gives a slick TV-crime-procedural kind of feel, which helps ground the a story that features Nazi weapons of mass destruction and time travel.

I highly recommend Time Bomb for its solid story telling and interesting premise. In issue one, it begins doling out the mystery and offers the possibility of lots of interesting twists and turns in its tale of people lost in the past.

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