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The Nerdiest Kids Review After Dark, Driver, Hotwire, Ryder, Time Bomb

Reviews by Christina “RogueNurse” Weber

It really is bizarre for a small name company to release so many titles in one week, but Radical Studios has done just that. These reviews are of only Radical releases that came out this week. All other comics will be in their own review in the next few days. I have to say that I was epically impressed with these titles, especially since it’s abnormal to see so much good stuff all at once from one of the smaller companies. Props to you, Radical!

After Dark #1 of 3: For something that was created by a famous actor I have to say that I’m sincerely impressed! After Dark was created by Wesley Snipes (yes, THE Wesley Snipes) and Antoine Fuqua, and written by Peter Milligan. It takes place in a distant future that’s been polluted so badly there is very little sunlight and only large cities are able to stay alight for longer than 3 hours or so. Solar City is the place the story starts; a city corrupted by crime, drugs, and civil unrest causing frequent rioting. The main character is a guy named Omar who can “read the sky” and apparently detect weather patterns and directions that only a select few, called Bedouins, can accomplish. He, along with a handful of both military and civilian troops, are hired to find Angel, who assumedly can fix the world and bring back the light, but no one has seen her in over a decade and no one’s even sure if she’s still alive. The key on this adventure will be keeping themselves alive while searching for Angel in the dark world they all live in. I’m liking this so far, both for the story and the art. Jeff Nentrup does a great job creating both people and environments to draw you into the story. It’s $4.99, but since you get 52 pages of story it’s not a bad deal.

Driver for the Dead #1 of 3: Oh wow…just…freekin’ wow! This is effin’ awesome! Alright, you’ve gotta try to follow me here because the description may sound a little confusing at first, but it’s totally worth it. First off, props to John Heffernan who wrote the thing and Leonardo Manco for the brilliant art. The story starts out in Shreveport, Louisiana where healer Moses Freeman is on his way to… well… heal a young boy who’s gone sick. Turns out that he’s been the victim of an angry Hoodoo witch who’s somehow gotten him possessed. Fear not, though, because Moses will save the day! Until he dies. But this is where the whole “Driver of the Dead” comes into play. Apparently ol’ Moses was ready for the day he capped off and had instructions to call Alabaster Graves specifically to chauffeur his body to a proper burial. Mr. Graves is the driver, if you hadn’t guessed, who specializes in driving bodies which die from a mystical death, be that vampirism, Hoodoo, magic, or what have you. He also meets his share of mystical shenanigans during his treks. Oh man, this is really good stuff. If you’re a fan of any type of horror comics then you need to be picking this up for sure. I’m a wuss when it comes to horror and I even enjoyed it! Thoroughly!! And I’m really looking forward to the next issue! $4.99.

Hotwire #1 of 3: “Alice Hotwire, Metro Police Detective Exorcist.” Interesting way to be introduced to a character, and incredibly effective apparently. This is the second installment using Detective Hotwire, the first was in Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead. Alice has been on hiatus from the force for 6 months after burning her arm off, and now that she’s spent that time lounging about playing video games and hanging with the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, she’s ready to get back to work. If I were to describe this to someone who’s reading it for the first time, I’d say that it’s futuristic Ghostbusters on crack with Alice leading the charge. She’s the smart one on the team, though, while most of the others seem to be grunts with guns. This Steve Pugh/Warren Ellis book is yet another hit for Radical that I’m going to keep reading. $3.50.

Ryder on the Storm – Premiere: This pulpy little number is another $1.00 release. For only a buck you can’t really go wrong, and that holds true for this issue. David Hine is the brains behind this one, and his title character, Ryder, is a private investigator who’s just been called in by girl who’s boyfriend just killed himself. 11 drill holes through the head is certainly a unique way to go. There’s not a lot of meat to this one yet, but I’m sure following issues will fix that. As I said before, you can’t really go wrong when it’s only $1.00.

Time Bomb #1: This is the one on I’ve really been looking forward to because it’s written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, two of my favorite writers on the market. The story here is set in 2012. After the collapse of a subway tunnel in Berlin causes the discovery of a secret Nazi bunker, all kinds of government geeks cone in to investigate. Unfortunately, their sneaky little investigating causes the launch of an old Nazi bio-missile that releases a virus over the city and starts rapidly spreading across the globe. The only hope for the world is for a team of specialists to go back in time and stop the launch from happening. But time travel, you say? Two years from now? That’s preposterous! Well, it was until our dear President Obama decided to refund the research! I guess government is good for something after all. This is yet another winner that I’m going to be keeping my eyes on. It’s another $4.99, but it’s also 51 pages of story that are well worth reading.


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