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The Weekly Crisis Calls Time Bomb #1 A “Must Buy”

Time_Bomb_1_Gulacy_Beredo_cover_lowres.jpgBy Ryan

• In the debut of Time Bomb from Radical Comics, a team digging in Germany discovers a hidden underground Nazi installation and accidentally set off a biological weapon that threatens to wipe out all life on Earth within 72 hours. A team is then sent back in time to stop the dig from happening, only to find they were sent back to Nazi Germany instead.

• This is one of the craziest, most off-the-wall creative concepts that I’ve read in a while and I love every single iota of it. This book definitely lives up to the creativity of its premise.

• I really dig that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray chose to start the issue by showing the threat firsthand with the virus already sweeping across the world. Too often in stories like this, that threat goes unseen. That ratchets up the intensity from the very beginning.

• Although we don’t spend a lot of time with the main characters in this issue, what we see of them is instantly engaging. There are a ton of storytelling possibilities for the fact that the group contains a couple going through a divorce—that adds a lot of humanity to the story.

• Paul Gulacy’s artwork is very clean and crisp, with a good consistency throughout all 50+ story pages in this issue. That alone is impressive.

• I like the way that Gulacy straddles a strong sense of realism with a looser, more animated feel. It keeps things lively while remaining very grounded.

• Gulacy’s storytelling is very straightforward with fairly rigid layouts and standard perspectives, but is very cinematic in how it unfolds, especially in his dramatic use of close-ups.

Verdict: Must Read. Time Bomb might not be the easiest comic for you to find this week, but is definitely one of the most satisfying. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray take a great concept and milk it for all that it is worth in this well-paced and finely crafted issue that is engaging from page one and leaves you wanting more. You should definitely pick this comic up if you can find it, though I strongly recommend going out of your way to hunt it down.

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