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Comic Book Bin Review of Hotwire: Deep Cut #1

In the world of Alice Hotwire, the dead don’t become the dearly departed. They return as blue-light ghosts that feed off the electromagnetic waste of billions of wireless devices. While most drift about harmless and witless, some can take more solid form and are very dangerous. Alice dispatches those.

It is six months since the events depicted in Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead. As Hotwire: Deep Cut #1 opens, Alice Hotwire is taking some much needed time off, but her extended break is endangering her position as a Detective Exorcist. Now, Alice and her erstwhile partner, Detective Peter Mobey, will face a secret government project that may turn the city into a living nightmare. In the meantime, a former lover reappears in Alice’s life, and a multi-car pileup throws the light on a rogue unit within the Metro Police.

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