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Comixtreme Gives Last Days #3 A 4/5

Review by Andrea Speed

…We finally get the final issue, the issue where the heist goes down, and I must admit it was as action packed as I’d hoped for. Before we can get to the heist, though, there’s the little matter of Graham and Shelby being at the mercy of Enrique’s goons, who don’t seem to have all the cheese on their crackers, if you know what I mean. (And if you don’t, I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to guess. It’s too late for charades.)

The gang manages to escape, somewhat scathed, but they recover from the injuries in time to pull off their plan. There’s an added wrinkle of Graham and Shelby’s relationship, and Kevin, injured himself, is starting to suspect something’s up. Still, as battered as they are, the whole unit manages to pull together to pull off the robbery before the anti-crime signal is set off. It’s a fairly intricate plot, but they manage to pull off the heist … mostly. But there’s double crosses and a twist in the story that … well, frankly, I saw coming. I saw the end coming too, and in fact I found the stock ending to be kind of a let down. But if you set the ending aside, I really enjoyed this issue. I’m just sorry it took so long to come out.

The art by Tocchini is admittedly not my favorite style, but it works pretty well this issue. The inking seems a bit sharper, and the colors ride a line between muted and loud, usually only flaring up in appropriately bloody ways during violent sequences.

A solid mix between hard boiled crime and science fiction, the trade will probably be coming out fairly soon, and is worth a look if you missed it in issue form.

4/5 Stars

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