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Geek Goggle Reviews Gives Time Bomb #2 A 4.5/5

Review by Brandon Borzelli

The second issue gets the lead characters into some trouble as the plot really thickens. This creative team is showing that it is possible to tell a three issue story where each issue consists of fifty plus pages. You might not think this is not difficult but I haven’t seen too many teams that can make this shift, but this team is able to do this almost flawlessly. This issue has a lot of espionage, action and interesting characters thrown into the mix. The issue is also a good glimpse at life in Germany in the last few months of World War II. The artwork probably is the stud of the issue because it keeps the issue fluid and moving quickly. This is definitely something to check out.

The comic book starts off with the time traveling team deciding to intervene with the Nazi’s concentration camp. While they bat the prospect of messing with history back and forth they finally decide they can’t leave all the innocent people to die. This part is interesting because the prisoners echo some of the historical accounts where the prisoners were hearing rumors that the Allied Forces were on their way to liberate the camps. These scenes also provide the first fish-out-of-water encounters that raise a laugh or two.

As the team moves into Berlin they split up to better their chances of finding the underground city that they need to blow up. These scenes show that the creative team has considered everything when dropping this particular team into the past. One of the main characters is black and the team understands how out of place a black man in Berlin would look, let alone in a Nazi uniform. However, the rest of the team is able to infiltrate and walk, seemingly freely, among the Nazis.

The story picks up the pace for the ending as their various threads start to fall apart. One of my suspicions when this series began seems to be coming true in this issue, but I doubt it’s going to be that straight forward. We still seem to have plenty of surprises for the finale.

The artwork is perfect for this story. The main characters were in disguise and they actually look the part of Nazis as well as themselves incognito which seems like an easy thing to pull off but typically fails. The characters are all given moments to show off a wide range of emotions and the newer characters are given unique designs that give the story some character depth.

Time travel is complicated. Especially when you mess around with past events like this story is doing. However, this comic shows the complexity without trying to explain everything to the point that only a scientist can understand. Instead, the story focuses on the adventure portion of the story and layers the plot in a thick manner to keep the reader off balance. I’m sure there is a lot to come in the finale and I can’t wait. I can’t recommend this comic much more.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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