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Geeks of Doom Recommend Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead

Review by “The Canadian Titan”

Welcome to a future when we see that technology has advanced in many ways, with a vast array from communications to weaponry. And with this a supernatural twist, ghosts are real and people can see them and share the area around with them. But the term “ghost” is no longer correct, they are now called “Blue lights” and most of the Blue Lights are stuck sort of in Limbo. Most of them are harmless, but there are those that want more and they will literally kill to get it.

This is where Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire comes in. She is basically the “Big Guns” of the police department who handles these special cases. While not well liked by her peers (not that she could really care), she is the only one who is “wired” for the job. When a large amount of Blue Light activity starts showing up and it is due to a break-in at the Mots Island Maximum Security Cemetery, violent acts from Blue Lights start creeping up, and when the term “Ghost Bomb” is thrown into the mix it can’t be a good thing. This is where the investigating begins, joined by Detective Mobey, a cop who is not thrilled to work with Detective Hotwire.

Along with all of the commotion of the Blue Lights, the police department is also having to deal with a huge riot from the citizens of the city. Alice only has 36 hours to figure out what is going on and get this whole situation under wraps before Homeland Enforcement comes in to handle the situation. What is the connection between the Blue Lights sudden spike in activity and the riots that have been going on? And what is this secret weapon called “Soul Eater”? You will have to read this first volume to have all of your curiosities answered.

I personally enjoyed this book, being the Supernatural fan that I am (and no I’m not Dr. Seuss). If you enjoy anything that has to do with the supernatural, cops, and mysteries than this is your book and you should pick it up.

Hotwire is based on a story by Warren Ellis (Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, Thunderbolts, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Judge Dredd) and written and drawn by Steve Pugh (Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, Animal Man) using amazing art that resembles the art work of Alex Ross (who I am also a fan of), gives the story a feel of it coming alive on the pages. The writing definitely compliments the art with comedy mixed in to help lighten the situation and with it being completely done by the same person it really allows him to have the upper hand on the outcome of the story. If you like good art and writing and you are looking for something new to read, then I recommend giving Hotwire: Requiem For The Dead a chance.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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