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Kitty’s Pryde Gives Last Days #3 A 5/5

Review by “Troynos”

This is the third issue of three, which shipped bi-monthly, each issue oversized. And yes, you do need to read the other two to understand what is going on. And they are worth reading, trust me.

The basic premise is that the government has come up with a way to emit a broadcast that will prevent Americans from doing anything illegal. They’re also doing away with paper money completely and it’ll all be electronic.

Graham Bricke, in his 50s, is a small time thug. He’s done time. He’s an ex addict. He’s looking for the last big score before the broadcast and all crime in the States is erased. He’s figured out how to do it. He needs a hacker and some other help to switch out one of the boxes that will control the electronic money transfers. It’ll skim a little off of it each time, and into his pockets.

He finds his team and then it begins.

It’s fun watching Graham and his team– Collins, Shelby and Cash– work all the angles. Who’s betraying who? Who’s working which side? Who wants to be with who?

Throw in rioting and all the gangsters and thugs going nuts, getting it out of their systems so to speak, and the standard “what goes wrong will go wrong,” and you have a very fun read.

It all comes together nicely in the end. And the final screw job is amazing. I didn’t see it coming at all. The last angle being worked… wow…

What a great read.

Well written. Solidly and smartly paced and plotted. Great book.

And the art… Tocchini’s got a very loose and sharp style. It’s messy, but not a chaotic messy. Controlled, but not clean. Loosely detailed, but detailed when needs to be. It fits this story perfectly.

Read this series, that’s all I can say.

The Last Days of American Crime #3 receives

5 out of 5

Great little series.

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