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News OK interviews Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Article by Matthew Price

In the action-adventure comic book “Time Bomb,” written by the “Jonah Hex” team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, Adolph Hitler may yet have his revenge on humanity.

The book begins in Berlin in the near future, as builders of a subway tunnel discover an underground city built near the end of World War II by Hitler.

“While they’re down there investigating the city, they accidentally trigger a missile launch,” Palmiotti said in an interview at Comic-Con. “And the missile launches through Berlin, blows up in the atmosphere, and they find out that the missile’s payload was a virus, a mega-virus.” This mega-virus has the potential to destroy all the human life on Earth, and it’s spreading fast. A secret, and abandoned, U.S. project may be humanity’s only hope. “The American government had this operation, a thing called Time Bomb, which would send things back in time, people back in time,” Palmiotti said. “But it cost a billion dollars every time they use it, and the program’s been dumped. Well, now they have to use it.” A four-person crew is assembled to go back in time a week to prevent the firing of the missile. But something goes wrong. “It sends four people from now back to the end of World War II, and they have to go into Berlin to take out the city to take out the missile,” Palmiotti said. The artist on the three-issue miniseries is Paul Gulacy, known for his work on “Sabre,” “Master of Kung-Fu” and “Batman.” “I’ve been a fan of Paul since I was a kid,” Palmiotti said. “And I’ve worked with Paul a couple of times, doing Batman, as an inker … and I’ve had the pleasure of writing for him on things like ‘Jonah Hex.’ ” Palmiotti said Radical asked him who his dream artist would be for “Time Bomb.” “I said, ‘Well, I would love Paul Gulacy, but show me what you got, and we’ll see,” he said. “And little did I know, they went and got Paul Gulacy. So, I thought, I like these guys. They’re actually listening to me.”

Time Bomb” No. 1 is on sale now. The 56-page first issue retails for $4.99.

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