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Paradox Comics Group Says Last Days #3 is “A Brilliant Modern Crime Read”

Review by Matt C.

The Last Days of American Crime #3

…Remender and Tocchini have brought a terrifically thick and tasty slice of comic brutality and sexiness with each issue and the finale rounds off a brilliant modern crime read. As this series went on it became less about the premise and more about the characters as Remender shaped and moulded the relationships and interactions between Graham, Shelby and Kevin to produce a captivating read. I dare say that in terms of character-driven crime fiction this Radical series has outshone the recent Criminal: The Sinners work by Ed Brubaker which didn’t ever have me truly immersed in the world that he was trying to portray. Last Days… on the other hand had sucked me in every time and even had me rooting for minor players in the story when the likelihood of them ‘buying the farm’ seemed to be a forgone conclusion. Tocchini’s art has remained consistently brilliant with the colour scheme being a real eye catcher and I’ll certainly be looking out for his future projects. Honestly folks, if you did miss this the first time round I highly recommend having a look at this when the collected version hits shelves as I found it to be one of the most entertaining crime reads that I think I’ve ever picked up.

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