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Project Fanboy Calls American Crime #3 “Truly Great”

Review by Sebastian Piccione

The only thing better than a mini-series that lives up to its potential in the last issue is a mini-series that blows well past that potential and into something truly great. The Last Days of American Crime is one of those mini-series.

With this final installment, Rick Remender leads us through a labyrinth of plot twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover. No small feat in a modern comic. Characters in this book change allegiances faster than the Italians in a World War (it’s OK, my name is Sebastiano Francesco Piccione, I can make that joke).

Greg Tocchini’s art is simply stunning. Fluid, energized, and filled with powerful yet subtle looks and glances. Yeah, Tocchini can successfully draw a dramatic pause. How great is that?

As the clock counts down to a mind-controlled crime free America, our “heroes” have to fight off gangs, the cops, and each other to pull off the ultimate heist. And while I won’t tell you who’s left with the bag, I will tell you that the big pay-off belongs to the readers.

So good, that I just checked off the trade in my Previews order book. This goes on the shelf!

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