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Project Fanboy Gives Time Bomb #2 A 5/5 Rating

Review by Sebastian Piccione

Title: TIME BOMB # 2 (of 3)

Rating: 5 stars

Publisher Website: Radical Comics

Palmiotti & Gray continue to do what they do best, which is deliver solid, ass-kicking, comic book, entertainment!

This issue really stirs things up. You know how most time-travel comics have that “mustn’t alter the past” credo? Yeah, that lasts all of about 7 panels, here, and then our wayward heroes start rewriting history. They liberate a concentration camp, and then go undercover, prompting my favorite line in the book, when Christian complains that “… I’m a black man in Nazi Germany. Hell, I bet I’m the only one here… unless they got holdovers from the ’36 Olympics.” Though, Peggy still gets my favorite disguise… like a serving wench right off of a micro-brewer’s label!

Paul Gulacy is… well, he’s freakin’ Paul Gulacy! There’s a reason he’s a legendary artist, and this book only adds to that legend. What makes Gulacy great is that his art is at once stylized and realistic. And his level of detail is simply breathtaking.

If you are one of these people who doesn’t want to read “the same old comics” then TIME BOMB is for you, because every time you think it’s settling down in a certain genre, or cozying up to the usual tropes, it jumps up and goes somewhere new.

This is officially another series for my “I-have-the-issues-but-I’ll-get-the-trade-too” shelf.

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