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Sequential Tart Gives Shrapnel: Hubris A 9/10

Review by Paige McKee

Grade: 9

Shrapnel: Hubris reads and looks exactly like an action movie. The wordy political drama is interwoven with action sequences. The dialogue is one of the strong points of this book. Instead of simply telling the reader about the social bias against Non Genetically Modified Humans, they show it. Businessmen discuss local sports and the recent draft picks and the cheep students who aren’t made better.

The art is detailed and creative. Dark colors permeate every scene, really putting you on the artificially lit moon colony, in the cold darkness of space and the boardrooms where people are quite literally slaughtered for making poor deals. The way Naryan walks with her hands clenched to her side tell us as much about the character as any line of dialogue. The banter between characters had me chuckling. Some characters like Naryan are serious, while others make jokes and everyone seems to have their own personas. A major subplot seems to be Naryan’s growing self-destructive tendencies, making her a flawed and complex character. I expect that this series will be realized as a full-length movie in the future. It’s simply too well written to be ignored by sci-fi fans.


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