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SF Signal Says Driver #1 is “Perfect”

Review by John DeNardo

In Hotwire: Deep Cut #1, tough detective exorcist Alice Hotwire is recalled to duty after a 6-month self-imposed exile that followed a traumatic run-in with the Blues. The Blues are the ghost-like dead that roam the Earth feeding off electromagnetic waste and wreaking havoc amongst the living. Writer Steven Pugh takes this premise he and Warren Ellis created and populates it with interesting characters, particularly Alice, herself a misfit but a super-intelligent girl who sometimes takes intelligence dampeners to either fit in or escape altogether. Although Alice has firsthand experience with the Blues, she questions their true nature claiming that science does not accept the presence of ghosts. The prevailing impression is that Alice is more of a Scully than a Mulder and hopefully future issues will bear this out. For now, it’s enough to revel in Pugh’s quick-moving story and wonderfully garish illustrations. My Rating:

Driver for the Dead is a kick-ass Southern fried tale of the undead and the man who hunts them down. That man is Alabaster Graves whose job as a hearse driver takes him to all the right (or wrong) places. Graves fights the undead in various forms, including vampires, witches (are they supposed to undead?) and zombies. The setup for the series (written and created by John Heffernan) is perfect: atmospheric, likable characters, the right amount of world building, and just enough undead-fighting to make you want more. Issue #1 sets the stage for the battle between Graves and Fallow, a zombie straight out of something Joe R. Lansdale might have written. Good stuff all around made even better by Leonardo Manco’s spectacular artwork and wonderful coloring by Kinsun Loh and Jerry Choo. The only negative thing I can say is that this series is apparently only slated for a 3-issue run. I already know I’ll want more. My Rating:

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