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The Nerdiest Kids Give Driver #2 4/5 Stars

Review by Christina “RogueNurse” Weber

Score: 4/5

Zombies, and curses, and voodoo, oh my! Well, I’m not going to say that issue #2 is as amazing of a ride as issue #1, but that’s rarely the case anyway. It is a VERY entertaining book just the same, especially if you’re the type of reader who likes zombie and horror comics because Driver fits the bill quite nicely. What this issue does have is a history of our beloved driver Alabaster Graves as he explains how he came into his job to Marissa while he hauls her great-grandfather off to be buried. Apparently Graves’ father was a race car driver who ran moonshine on the side, which is where Alabaster got his amazing driving ability. As for the hauling of corpses, that was something he learned a lot about while in the army and it was there that he decided to make a living out of it.

The baddie from the last issue, who looks suspiciously like The Undertaker from the WWE, has a much bigger role in this issue. It seems the guy, who goes by the name of Uriah Fallow, is a bit of a Necromancer and is running all over the South to get his hands on some magic tools before he heads after Graves and ol’ Grandpappy Moses Freeman’s body. Now, when I say “get his hands on” something I’m being very literal. He actually cuts off a chick’s hand while she’s in the middle of conjuring a voodoo spell and sews it to his own wrist so he can use her power. He does the same thing to an older fella with a “silver tongue” and the power to convince people to do things, and if you read the first issue then you’ll also recall him doing a similar kind of thing with a guy’s eye. But that’s what he’s done for the last 200 years and now the guy is all kinds of powerful now.

By the end of the issue we also get to discover exactly why Fallow is after Moses and Marissa (who both get kidnapped): turns out they’re both descendants of one of the most powerful voodoo queens to ever come across the Atlantic to America, Marie Laveau. But between duty and what seems to be a personal concern for Marissa’s safety, the Driver isn’t about to let Fallow have his way with them. Unfortunately the only real weapon that will give him a chance to defeat the guy lies in the chest of a werewolf. Awesome!

When it comes down to it this is actually a really good story. It’s always fun to read creepy stories about voodoo curses and eerie zombies, and it’s even better this time of the year when Halloween is lingering around the corner. Not only that but it’s written and inked very well and it’s a fresh new story that isn’t one where I can say “I’ve read something like this before.” Mama like. It’s creepy, it’s weird, it’s gory, and it’s VERY fun to read so go pick this one up for sure.

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