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Time Bomb #2 is a “Must Read”

Review by Ryan Schrodt

Now transplanted back in WWII-era Germany, the team of future scientists must act fast to infiltrate Nazi-controlled Berlin to stop the super-weapon from being built in order to save the future from it beign unleashed.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray take full advantage of Radical Comics’ expanded page count with a highly complex story that is filled with twists and turns. You could never pack this much story into a standard page count comic.

• You get sucked into the characters and their relationships instantly in this comic. It’s amazing how well Palmiotti and Gray are able to keep this so focused on the characters despite the epic scale of their actions.

• It’s not very often that a comic that involves Nazis or a comic that involves time travel isn’t tremendously shallow. This issue is one of those few comics that can pull off both plot concepts without falling prey to clichés thanks to a lot of ingenious twists and a lot of strong subtextual details that make the issue all the more engaging.

Paul Gulacy’s art is a perfect fit for this series. His work is very fluid, which works very well with the pacing and action, while his realistic approach to the characters makes its historical setting all the more palatable.

• There is such a great sense of atmosphere in the art. It’s hard to explain, but you can feel the urgency of the mission just by looking at the pages. I honestly wish I had a better way to state that, but its an intangible element that Gulacy deserves a lot of credit for.

• The layouts and storytelling in this issue are just awesome. Gulacy works the grid incredibly well, using up to 10+ panels per page at times without sacrificing any details or story. It’s tremendous.

Verdict: Must Read. This is one of the most complex comics of the year and also one of the most satisfying. Palmiotti, Gray, and Gulacy have put together an amazingly tight plot with extremely engaging characters around a very strong concept that looks absolutely fantastic to boot. Honestly, even at a staggering 50 story pages, I am ravenous for more. It took me a really long time to decide which comic should be this week’s Book of the Week and honestly, both Time Bomb and Morning Glories deserved. However, the supreme intensity and complexity of this comic combined with its simply staggering craftsmanship gave it the edge. I know that Radical Comics titles might not be as easy to find as your average DC or Marvel comic, but do not use that as an excuse to get your hands on this incredible comic. There are no excuses for you not reading Time Bomb.

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