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Time Bomb #2 Impresses My View Comic Reviews

Review by David LeBlanc

I was really impressed by the first issue of this mini-series. I was happy to find the second issue out this week. Aside from the solid story and interesting characters Paul Gulacy’s art is very appealing. He gets the action, close up emotion, and the realism just right. After a WWII bomb is trigger in a long buried Nazi bunker the world is threatened with a deadly virus that would mean the end of civilization. The New World Order sends a team of specialists back in time using an abandoned experimental machine – the Time Bomb – to prevent the Omega device from being set off in the first place. The team of Jack Mcrea, Ken Weinhauser, Christian Grainger and Peggy Medina overshoot their 24-hour target and instead are sent back several decades to a concentration camp near the end of the war. This obviously changes the parameters of their mission. They have to now work as spies in a war zone, find the Omega Bomb, in whatever stage of development it is at, and either dismantle or destroy it without getting killed or seriously altering history. Of course they have a few high tech toys to aid them in this mission and get to use them. But it is still stealth and cold calculation they will need to get to their goal. Along the way there are fights with Nazis, a very interesting meeting of the people behind the construction of the Omega bomb and their familiar leader and a turning point to the story in the heart of the coming end to the war in Berlin. The writers have taken the time to script a thriller with just the right amount of the fantastic to make it more about the characters racing against time to save the world. The cliffhanger ending for the team after overcoming some really intense situations will have you desperate to see how it all ends. This book demonstrates how to put together the whole package. Wait until you see what I mean.

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