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Weekly Comic Book Review Gives Time Bomb #2 A B

Review by Dean Stell

I loved issue #1 of this series and the story in this issue switches from the sci-fi elements (secret Nazi weapons and time travel) to a good old fashioned WWII espionage story as our group of four agents (I guess that’s what I’d call them) end up getting sent back to the latter parts of WWII to stop the creation of the Omega Weapon (that kills humanity in 2012). I was impressed at how easily Palmiotti and Gray shifted from a pure sci-fi story in issue #1 to a more Inglorious Basterds story for issue #2 where our small group of 4 is isolated and without backup while on their secret mission. If you liked Inglorious Basterds or recent comics like 7 Psychopaths, you’ll probably get a kick out of this issue. There is lots of Nazi killing.

As a middle arc, this issue also has a purpose: to get all the pieces in place for the finale. And it does that very well. I am very eager to see how this plays out in the finale because our heroes have left quite a wake of dead bodies and I’m sure all that screwing with the timeline will have some repercussions in the “present” and we also have the issue of the scientist who created the Time Bomb being missing in the past. I’m sure he has to turn up somewhere and that should be fun.

The art is generally good. It is very crisp, consistent and atmospheric. Although it is more photo-referenced that I usually care for, it doesn’t fall into some of the problems with photo-reference: use of famous actors for facial models, heads pasted awkwardly onto bodies, etc. Instead it plays to the strengths of that art form to generate realistic layouts which fits given that this issue isn’t sci-fi and needs to be rooted in reality.

Grade: B

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