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Article by Jonathan Liu

We’ve written about Radical Publishing before: they’re the ones behind Aladdin, Legends, Caliber, and Shrapnel, among others. Many of their comics are for mature readers only, though, so some of them don’t always feel like the best fit for GeekDad. But I’ve enjoyed many of their series that I’ve read, so I’ll list just a few of them here that might be worthwhile:

Oblivion is a sci-fi story by Joseph Kosinski, the director of TRON: Legacy. This book is not actually a comic, but prose with illustrations—a picture book for adults, if you will. I picked up a preview with some sample art and the first chapter, and I’m looking forward to the finished book. The story is about a burnt-out planet overrun by savage aliens called Scavengers. The humans live up in the sky, sending drones down below to wipe out the Scavengers. Oblivion is due sometime this fall.

Time Bomb is a 3-part series (the first two are out now) by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, illustrated by Paul Gulacy. Archeologists discover a hidden Nazi city deep under Berlin, where Hitler’s doomsday device has waited dormant until now. When a team of scientists attempts to travel back in time just far enough to prevent the bomb from going off, they end up going back farther than intended, ending up in Nazi Germany at the height of Hitler’s power.

Mata Hari, by Rich Wilkes and Roy Martinez, is a historical fiction imagining the life of Mata Hari—sex symbol, double agent. But was she really a German spy, responsible for the deaths of 50,000 French soldiers? Or was she merely a scapegoat, executed as a sacrificial lamb to boost French morale? Of course, none of us know for sure. The case files are sealed until 2017—but until then, you can read Wilkes and Martinez’s best guess, coming next spring.

Radical has a number of other titles as well—some continuing series like Shrapnel and Hotwire, but plenty of new ones as well, ranging from sci-fi to horror. Visit their website to check out the rest.

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