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Buzzfocus Gives Driver #2 A 9/10

Review by Jason Rosas

Driver for the Dead #2 keeps the peddle to the metal adding layers to an already interesting plot, but letting up on the gore, suspense, and action. Writer John Heffernan settles you into moments of quiet discomfort and then whips your neck with startling twists (some characters suffer the twists on your behalf)! Illustrator Leonardo Manco is still delivering the goods, having fun by playfully building in characters with likenesses to prominent super stars. Last issue, Morgan Freeman appeared to be the template for the now deceased Moses Freeman. In Issue #2, we are introduced to Aunt Sadie, whose grin is none other’s than Oscar Winner Mo’Nique.

The story continues where it left off as the titular hearse driver, Alabaster Graves, picks up the Freeman’s corpse from the township of Shreveport, Louisiana, with Freeman’s great-granddaughter, Marissa. Meanwhile, Uriah Fallow, the scavenger zombie, has been hunting down powerful mystics to steal their special gifts by replacing his rotting body parts with their own. Unfortunately, Graves and Marissa are hunted down by Fallow on their way to Freeman’s final resting spot. Freeman’s body and Marissa are taken by Fallow as Graves is left behind to nurse his wounds with the help of an elderly mystic ally. The story of how Graves became a ‘driver for the dead’, Marissa’s birthright, and Fallow’s intent to take the Freeman’s spiritually-gifted heart as his own are finally revealed. The set-up for the next issue is even better: in order to kill Fallow, Graves cannot rely on his mundane set of ammunition. Rather, he must hunt a cursed werewolf which has in its possession an artifact powerful enough to end Fallow’s atrocities.

Driver for the Dead is proving to be a fantastic page turner and with Halloween around the corner, it’ll be fun to see a Driver for the Dead party popping up somewhere… please!!

Story: 9/10

Art: 9/10

Cover: 7/10

Overall Rating 9/10

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