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RYDER ON THE STORM #3 Written by David Hine, art by Wayne Nichols, cover by Francesco Mattina.

Ryder, Katrina and Monk are only a few steps away from eliminating the Daemon threat and the only thing that stands between Ryder and the Drone Queen is his mother — the Daemon Rebecca Danton. Can Ryder choose between his family and the human race before the Drone Queen unleashes her curse upon the entire world? And even if he chooses to save the world, how will he pull it off with an army of Daemons standing between him and the destruction of the Drone Queen? The stunning conclusion to David Hine’s newest horror mystery ends here!

48 pages, $4.99.


Written by Rob Levin and Troy Peteri, art by Bing Cansino, cover by Tae Young Choi.

Richard Ashwalt is on the run as the main suspect in a horrific double murder, and he’s out to clear his name — and he’s got a sinking feeling all his problems are linked to the mysterious old man Jebediah Crone. As he digs deeper and deeper into Crone’s past, Richard discovers that Crone has been collecting homes of murder and death for an impossible number of years — but to what end? And why? One thing is certain: Richard must uncover Crone’s motives and clear his name… before it’s too late.

32 pages, $3.50.

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