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Graphic Policy Gives Driver #2 A 9.5/10

Review by Brett Schenker

I gushed over the first issue and Driver of the Dead #2 doesn’t disappoint. There’s just a great charge when it comes to this issue. Written by John Heffernan and art by Leonardo Manco we start getting a bigger picture as to what exactly is going on in Louisiana and what all the voodoo is about.

After successfully retrieving the body of Mose Freeman, Alabaster Graves and Mose’s great-grandaughter Marissa Freeman are headed back to New Orleans to give the renowned witch doctor a proper burial. Unfortunately for them, the undead patchwork necromancer Uriah Fallow is hot on their trail and he’s after Mose’s most protected secret. When Fallow captures Marissa, it’s up to Graves to get her back, and the only ally he’s got is the mysterious magic of Grandma Hattie. But what is Mose’s secret and how will Graves rescue Marissa?

There’s all kinds of good original “horror” moments going on, but some of the best moments are the quiet ones with Alabaster. Learning about his history and how he became a driver is very touching and adds a lot of depth to what can be a fairly shallow and empty main character.

Overall, there’s a fantastic weaving of Louisiana “history” and vibe for this comic series that just creates the perfect blend for a horror series. With one more issue to go, here’s hoping we get a second volume.

Like the first issue, this is a definite buy for the week.

Plot: Heffernan masterfully sets the tone and pace and uses his setting to its full potential. The characters are interesting, action entertaining and plot intriguing. What could have been a very shallow and empty lead character shows a lot of depth and the villain actually treads interesting ground. It’s a great second entry to this three issue limited series. Rating: 9.5

Art: Manco’s art matches the writing and fits the mood perfectly. The action, use of angles and panels is great and the coloring is top notch. Everything fits when it comes to art, and what could of easily been a washed out in darkness series instead is washed in perfect browns and dead on drab colors. Rating: 9.5

Overall: This is a series that the art, tone, story just work so well together. You can tell the writer and artist are completely on the same page. It’s so fantastic and a must buy for the week. The worst thing about it is it’s only three issues. We’re not done yet and I want more from this team! Overall rating: 9.5

Recommendation: Buy

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