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Mass Movement Magazine Says Last Days #2 is “Brutal, with A Capital B”

Review by Martijn

Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini join forces once again for the second issue of their eagerly anticipated heist. This particular edition features a guest cover (one of two choices) by Alex Maleev which sums it up nicely in its disturbing image of our female protagonist being tortured. This time, the team have ramped up the action and gore, tenfold. It is 7 days until broadcast (whereby a new law will pass preventing anyone to act unlawfully) and the heist begins to backfire on characters Graham Bricke and Shelby in a grim tale of double crossing. We wouldn’t expect anything less…The plot is brutal, with a capital B from page two to the bitter end, it is relentless but with plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep the action enticing. Radical are onto something good with this particular series, all the components to a gritty heist are present and once again I am eager to find out how the next installment will unfold…

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