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Metal Life Gives Driver #2 A 9/10

Review by Eva Jarkiewicz

Review Rating: 9/10

After successfully retrieving the body of Mose Freeman, Alabaster Graves and Mose’s great-granddaughter Marissa Freeman are headed back to New Orleans to give the renowned witch doctor a proper burial. Unfortunately for them, the undead patchwork necromancer Uriah Fallow is hot on their trail and he’s after Mose’s most protected secret. When Fallow captures Marissa, it’s up to Graves to get her back, and the only ally he’s got is the mysterious magic of Grandma Hattie. But what is Mose’s secret and how will Graves rescue Marissa?

Among the revelations in this second issue of the three part story are a few things about Alabaster Graves’ history, who Mose and Marissa Freeman are, as well as what Uriah Fallow is after. Grandma Hattie points Alabaster toward an item that he will need in the next issue. Don’t you love non-spoiler spoilers?

The story writing in this issue continues to be flow smoothly and at a pace that ensures the reader not only can grasp the threads of what is happening, but does so at a pace that keeps the story moving. There is so much detail in each frame that I look forward to going back and taking my time looking at each frame, to look for those details that escaped my attention as the story pulled me on.

I’m awaiting the third issue in this mini-series with mixed feelings, anticipation for more of this fine story, but dread at the story drawing to a close. If you haven’t picked up this book yet I recommend that you track down issues one and two and see what you have been missing.

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