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My View Comic Reviews Calls Driver #2 A “Thriller That Never Lets Go”

Review by David LeBlanc

This mini-series started with an interesting premise. In New Orleans Alabaster Graves is the most trusted transporter of dangerous bodies to their final resting place. Sometimes that even requires he makes sure they are dead – as in vampires and other supernatural beings. The legendary voodoo priest Mose Freeman died during an exorcism. With Mose’s great granddaughter, Marissa, riding shotgun he has been charged with getting the body to the family crypt. Unknown to Graves an evil necromancer named Fallow wants to get his hands on the body.

Fallow can siphon psychic energy from those with power by cutting off their body parts and attaching them to himself. This issue spends a lot of time illustrating that fact, in gruesome fashion, as he goes after a man with second sight, a woman who can touch from a distance and a man with a tongue of power that can bend people to his will. Mose’s heart will be his ultimate prize as he was a priest of great power. We also get a look at Grave’s past and the reason he got into this business. By the end Graves is injured but saved from capture by an old woman who explains the dire consequences ahead. The only way to stop Fallow is to go in search of the legendary Loup Garoux and obtain the only weapon that will kill Fallow.

The series has really ramped up the action this issue with lots of exposition to go with it. We are now fully informed about the main characters and their motivations. We are on the edge of our seat wondering if Graves can possibly prevail if it isn’t already too late. At first I was put off by the darkness of painted art but I have come to appreciate the detail of the pencils and the darkness where it is needed to set the mood. This is really a well-executed project. It is a thriller that engages the reader and never lets go. I can’t wait for the finale!

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