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Sequential Tart Says After Dark #1 is “Worth Checking Out”

Review by Karen Maeda

Every once in a while, through the apocalyptic comic book mess, one comes out that is seemingly worth checking out. After Dark #1 is one of them. The Earth isn’t totally destroyed; there is a new god, this time a goddess that everyone believes in and a group of people who want to bring that glimmer of hope back into the population’s hearts. Her name is Angel, and her image is everywhere.

The art is dark in this comic which makes things a bit hard to see, but then again, that is the point. Some of the only white and lit shots in this comic are of women. They seem to be carrying the light for this new realm.

If you have a need for adventures, this will definitely cover your adventure needs for this month. The story takes place in several different scenarios and locations. Each has its own little twists with how the characters react as well as interact as well as a mystery sickness that some of them have been given tests for.

There is an interesting band of characters involved in the search for this “Angel.” Some are criminals who know the destination and act as guides, others are military who do not want to deal with such riff-raff. This makes interactions interesting and even is a little reminiscent of the movie Aliens with how the soldiers treated Ripley.

One interesting note comes into the creation of this comic: Wesley Snipes of Blade fame’s name is on this book as a creator along with Antoine Fuqua.

Radical Comics keeps up their awesome mission of having no advertisements in their books except for their own, which they thankfully save for the end of the issue. The price is $4.99, full color, glossy, no ads, definitely a great deal right now. This comic has 3 parts and leaves you curious to see if this strange crew finds their Angel or if they get lost in the sea of darkness.

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