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The Philadelphia Daily News Says Ryder #1 is “Quite A Wild ‘Ryde’ “

Review by Jerome Maida

Radical’s latest offering is quite a wild “Ryde.”

Indeed, “Ryder on the Storm” is the type of book that changes direction constantly and has more layers than an onion. Just when you feel you have the story and players figured out, everything gets turned upside down.

Indeed, the first issue has a whopping 52 pages of story and writer David Hine expertly makes use of every one of them.

The result is a horror story worthy of Steve Niles, a crime story worthy of Christos Gage and dialogue worthy of Brian Michael Bendis.

There is also a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle. It is so involved and so deep Batman and Sherlock Holmes would both be challenged by it if they teamed up.

Luckily, Mr. Ryder – he doesn’t like to give his first name – is on the case and he is quite simply the best he is at what he does. To liven things up, he has a rival.

As the story begins, Ryder is investigating a reported suicide of a man who looks as if he had everything to live for. Peculiar thing is, instead of a gun, noose or poison to do himself in, it looks as if he used a power drill! To burrow an incredible eleven holes in his skull!

Could anyone withstand that much pain? The answer would appear to be a resounding no, until a hallucinatory amphetamine that allows people to withstand incredible pain is found and complicates matters, as does the woman who reported the “suicide,” Katrina Petruska.

With its complexity, mood and attention to detail, “Ryder on the Storm” may be Radical’s most movie-worthy property. Especially since Petruska is reminiscent of the femme fatale Ava in Frank Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For” and just screams to be played by Angelina Jolie.

Toss in gorgeous art, a noir mood, demons and a cliffhanger ending that makes your jaw drop and you will feel like you got a bargain paying the $4.99 cover price.

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