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The Weekly Crisis Says Ryder #1 is A “Must-Read”

Review by Ryan Schrodt

  • In this supernatural noir story, Private Detective Ryder is roped into protecting a woman who finds her lover killed, only to stumble upon a world of demons and horror that may have a shared history with him.
  • This issue works on so many levels. It’s a great dystopian crime novel. It’s fantastic noir fiction. It’s a creepy-as-hell supernatural thriller. David Hine breaks down the walls between genres to run rampant with this story wherever he pleases.
  • Hine really takes advantage of the extended page count that Radical Comics offer. He starts the story slow and methodical, building the world in classic noir fashion only to ratchet up the intensity like a true thriller in the back end. This is not something you could do effectively in 22 pages.
  • The dialogue in this issue needs its own separate kudos. Hine captures the essence of each character in every single line, with a great amount of subtext. It’s easy to fall back shallow characterization in both supernatural and noir stories, but Hine refuses and the issue is elevated because of that.
  • Wayne Nichols showed that he has a great chemistry with David Hine in Radical Comics’ FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, which carries over here. The two work perfectly in synch throughout the issue.
  • I love the sense of atmosphere than Nichols brings. From the very first panel, you are sucked into this dark, smoky world.
  • The art is very clean and highly consistent. There really isn’t an off panel in this entire issue, which is incredibly impressive given that it clocks in at over 50 story pages.
  • This is really just a beautiful book. I can’t emphasize that enough. The amount of detail, the strength of the expressions, the careful storytelling—it all adds up.

Verdict: Must Read. This has been one of the strongest weeks for comics in recent memory, with so many great issues. It was almost impossible for me to choose my favorite comic this week, but I kept coming back to Ryder on the Storm. The lush, atmospheric art and the genre-destroying come together beautifully in an intriguing and exciting package that is not only the Book of the Week, but one of the best comics of the year. This is not a comic you want to miss.

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