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Ain’t It Cool News Says Abattoir #1 is “Paced for Maximum Tension, Not Just Cheap Gore”

Review by “Ambush Bug”


Radical Comics

Bloody and violent. But what do you expect from the mind behind the SAW sequels, REPO THE GENETIC OPERA, and the upcoming MOTHER’S DAY remake? Darren Lynn Bousman came up with the idea of a creepy old man named Crone who shows up at houses days after grisly murders happen in them and tries to purchase them. Rob Levin & Troy Peteri wrote the script for this one and seem to really know what they are doing, centering this story around the world of real estate gone horrifically wrong. With issues stripped from today’s headlines, a real estate salesman struggles to sell a house that was the site of multiple murders. When Crone shows up, he is hesitant to hand over the property. The highlight of this gruesome book is the gory sequences of carnage by artist Bing Cansino. He gives Crone a truly evil and original look and isn’t afraid to dole out the red stuff. But this book is paced for maximum tension, not just cheap gore. I have no idea what to expect and I like it. I’ll be sure to check out the rest of this six part ABBATOIR series.

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