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Comics Spotlight on Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead

What Kids Will Like About It:

This comic practically steamrolls, with one action sequence after another. I’m glad I had it in trade as I would have been frustrated waiting from issue to issue for answers. Alice is rude and foul-mouthed but after a while, there’s a subtle vulnerability that comes out as bits and pieces of her past are dropped into the rare quiet moments. It’s not just that Alice dislikes the regular police, it’s that she had very good reasons to do so.

I didn’t find the violence excessive but this book is probably too gritty and intense for younger children.

What Parents Will Like About It:

For those who like unusual weapons and gadgets on the page, this book is full of them. It’s a visual feast from the big secret weapon Alice doesn’t want to us to the various ghost attacks and Alice’s regular guns. For those who like police stories, this uses a number of cop conventions, including the public that turns against police “brutality.” And it’s always good to have a cynical cop around, reluctantly helping while being cranky about it. I kept hearing Tommy Lee Jones’ voice in my head when Alice partners up with him.

Best Panel:

There’s a sequence when two people who don’t know they’re dead try to take care of each other. The panels alternate between how they really look, all blue energy with gaps that mark their fatal injuries, and how they look to each other, alive and whole.

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