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Abattoir #1 Should Be “A Definite Buy for Horror Fans”

Review by Mike McLarty

I think creepy is the best word to describe Abattoir #1 from Radical Publishing. This is the classic “scary house” story and involves a brutal murder in the middle of the perfect suburbia.

Halloween has passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy this scary tale. The story is nothing of what I expected and I can’t wait to read the second issue. I could easily see this as a classic episode of Tales From the Crypt (a compliment).

The story is just spooky and entertaining. A definite buy for horror fans.

Plot: This is exactly what you can expect from the creator of Saw. This spooky tale is fantastic in as it does what horror stories should do, make you uncomfortable. The fact that it’s set in the middle of suburbia helps add the creepy factor. Definite entertainment for horror fans. Rating: 8.5

Art: The art is solid. At times it’s dark, but it doesn’t suffer from a lot of comics that have that. Details and what’s going on can easily be made out. The mood is set perfectly. Just solid work. Rating: 8.5

Overall: Are you a horror fan? Then pick this comic up. It’s a genre I’m growing into, and comics like this will get me coming back for more. Overall rating: 8.5

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