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SciFi Pulse says Hotwire: Deep Cut #2 is “truly something special”

Review by Wayne Hall

I’m going to break one of my own rules here, and that is to avoid reviewing the same comic each time an issue is released. But for something this good, I have to talk about it!

Hotwire: Deep Cut #2 of 3. On Tuesday, I talked about sci-fi comics and how much I love them. I should have included this one in that group. It is truly something special!

Here’s the issue’s description: “While Bertus Rantz and his private security contractors investigate a crash, Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire cools her heels in a detention cell – only to emerge to the cheers of her co-workers in the police force. As Alice avoids her fellow officers and deals with a rampaging Rantz as well as her paranormal ex-boyfriend, a blue-light housed in a robotic body has taken one of the crash victims on her own accord…but for what purpose? Can Hotwire and Mobey uncover the truth of the car crash and discover the identity of this mysterious entity before Rantz finishes his crusade against all blue-lights?”

I fell in love with Alice Hotwire when I read the trade paperback of her first adventure. Now, each issue continues to jump up my “most anticipated” list until Hotwire is now one of my favorite books. I can tell because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

Steve Pugh again has created a spectacular issue, with truly stunning art. The story matches the art, drawing me in to it so completely that I totally forgot where I was when I was reading it. That’s a great thing when it happens—that means I am locked into the story. I love it when that happens!

I’ve talked at length previously about how much I like Alice Hotwire as a character. She’s unique in comics, and I enjoy her reactions to things, including her dead ex-boyfriend’s appearance in this issue. Let’s just say that he breaks one of her hard and fast rules, and then pays the price for it.

Pugh’s artwork of Alice is so real and her appearance is so different that she lives and breathes to me. She’s not poured into a leather outfit like the new Wonder Woman or wearing a skimpy costume like Supergirl. She appears and functions like a real person would in that circumstance, no matter how unusual it is.

She goes from apparently being thrown off the police force to be adored by fellow officers, who chant words from the “Ghostbusters” song, and she’s not happy with either development. Great character moments there!

It’s a huge surprise when we find out what is really going on, and I’m already anxious to see the last issue of this series. I know I would love to have a monthly Hotwire to read, but quality wins out over quantity here—I’ll be buying this comic whenever it is released and whatever format it comes out in.

If you aren’t reading Hotwire, I strongly recommend that you start now! It’s yet another shining example of the tremendous comics line that Radical is publishing. Cudos!

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