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Sequential Tart Says No Horror Fan Should Pass Up FVZA

Review by Sheena McNeil

Grade: 8

Based on a website, this graphic novel tells the story of Landra and Vidal, two kids raised and trained by a grandfather who made a living wiping out vampires and zombies and the viral strains that create them. When a zombie outbreak occurs and the vampires draw attention to themselves and then plan to release a zombie strain immune to the current vaccination, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency is resurrected to deal with the situation before things spread too far. Things get complicated for Landra and Vidal when they learn the head vampire is their grandmother….

If you like zombies or vampires or both then you have to read this comic! It takes a realistic look at zombies, even getting into what happens to them mentally and physically as they change (and unlike many zombies they only “survive” for a limited amount of time). Many zombie scenes are disturbing — which they should be. The vampires go old school — Nosferatu old school. It may not make for a pretty read, but there’s something truly evil and scary about a vampire that looks bald and withered with long claws that can move faster than you and has heightened senses and, sometimes, wisdom gained from longer life. One thing that makes this story great is the alternate history. Real life events are not quite how we know them in this reality. This provides not just a history of the viruses and the FVZA, but a realistic progression to the present story. It still seems a bit far-fetched, but it’s nice to see this world, as a whole, fleshed out. The fairy tale within the story adds a nice twist to the end that gives this unique vampire story one more gold star.

The art is really great. Like many Radical titles, it has the rich, almost painted coloring and realistic art. Character designs for humans, vampires and zombies are all well done, and I have no complaints about body mechanics or posture. The blood and gore is about perfect; just enough to be appropriately gross and disturbing yet not so much to become silly or to make readers unable to continue (though the zombie eating maggots is close!). I especially like the visual depictions of the stages humans go through when becoming vampires or zombies and what happens when one vampire tries to kill himself. A nice job all around, and for $15 no true horror fan should pass up this title.

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