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AppTapper Calls the Shrapnel Game a Fun and Engaging Game With Plenty of Action

Shrapnel by Dogtown Studios is a Dual Stick Shooter that proves to be worthy of the $0.99 price tag.

Dogtown Studios has been hard at work on their latest project aptly named ‘Shrapnel.’ You play as Vijaya Narayan, a.k.a. Sam, a former marine of the Solar Alliance. Whose misson was to take control of the universe one planet at a time. Instead Sam went AWOL from the alliance after realizing they were committing genocide against each planets inhabitants (well, if you take over the universe, creatures have to die, right?). In response, Sam joined the militia in an attempt to overthrow the alliance. Armed with her 300K EM AAR rifle, it’s her job to defeat the alliance. In order to defeat the alliance, you will have to help Sam locate the computer terminals in Shrapnel city and unlock missions.

The game is a dual stick shooter with plenty of depth. The inclusion of a store (used to upgrade weapons and perks adds another level of entertainment and value to this game, that many in its genre are lacking. However, the lack of in-game assets’ retina support takes away from the overall ambiance this game has the potential to create. It’s a fun and engaging game with plenty of action, couple this with great controls and you have winning game. The continual repetition can be a bit disappointing as you complete the same types of missions over and over again. The lack of enemy types and maps (theres only 1) can become annoying. Moreover, the way the weapon upgrade system is quite flawed. Rather than keeping your weapons and refilling the ammunition, you must kill enemies and hope that they drop the weapon upgrade. But at $0.99 theres nothing I can really complain about. Having played a much earlier version of the game, I can say that it has come a long way from when it was first being developed. Complete with an entirely original score “Shrapnel” will provide you with a decent amount of entertainment at a pretty fair price.

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