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Only Skin Comix Says Time Bomb is a Major Contender for Book of the Year

The brilliant Time Bomb miniseries from Radical Comics concludes this week with the time-displaced American heroes going through all sorts of hell to destroy the Nazi doomsday device before it can be unleashed upon the unsuspecting 1940s within the small window of time that they have left in the past. This is a fast-paced, high-octane thriller that delivers from beginning to end by taking full advantage of Radical’s expanded page count. The excitement starts on page one and doesn’t let up.

Given how action-oriented and plot-centric this issue is, I was surprised by how strong and engaging the character work was. Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray do a great job of developing the characters to the point that I want to follow their adventures once this story is finished.

The writers jump into this story with a tremendous amount of ambition and execute the comic perfectly. You get a great time travel story, an amazing war comic, and an exciting thriller. Palmiotti and Gray go big here and do not falter.

Simply put, Paul Gulacy is amazing in this issue.

I really cannot find anything about the art to complain about. The gorgeous designs, the super spot blocks, the fantastic storytelling, the great “acting” from the characters, even the way Gulacy draws Hitler… it all comes together perfectly.

• I do have to give Radical credit for using such high-quality paper on the printed comic as it really enhances Gulacy’s work. Production matters!

Verdict: This comic is awesome. I cannot stress that enough. It is simply awesome. The first two chapters were fantastic, but the entire creative team turns it up to eleven in the finale. I can’t recommend this highly enough and I can guarantee you’ll see it on a lot of “best of” lists this year. The easy and a major contender for Book of the Year.

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