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Readers Looking for Top Notch Science Fiction/Action Will Want Time Bomb

Review by Leroy Douresseaux

Time Bomb is a science fiction comic book created and written byJimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl) and drawn by still-going-strong industry veteran, Paul Gulacy. The series opens in the year 2012 and finds that the human race has 72 hours to live! Why? TheOmega Bomb, a relic of Nazi Germany, was accidentally launched, unleashing a horrible virus.

Jack McCrea, team leader; Ken Weinhauser, tech-ops specialist; Peggy Medina, deadly science expert; and Christian Grainger, strategist are four specialists assigned by the New World Order to save the world. They are sent back in time and their target is the day before the bomb was discovered, in an attempt to prevent the disaster. However, the Time Bomb sends them back seven decades earlier and drops them in the heart of Germany towards the end of World War II.

In Time Bomb #3, the mission to save the world comes to an explosive conclusion. Jack and a lovely double agent are imprisoned in the underground bunker where the Omega Bomb sits. Jack is also about to learn the shocking true identity of the Omega Bomb’s sinister creator. Meanwhile, Ken, Peggy, and Christian make an attempt to rescue Jack, but their own freedom is also in jeopardy. And a legendary player enters the game.

THE LOWDOWN: One can praise Time Bomb for being consistently good, but what it was consistent at was being freaking good. If I could describe the speed at which I read this to driving, that comparison would be that I read Time Bomb #3 at breakneck speed. It’s easily one of the very best comic books of the year, and it is certainly way better as an action comic book than many films were as action movies. Also, with his excellent art for this series, Paul Gulacy proves that after four decades drawing comic books, he is still at the top of his game, which is above many other artists’ games.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE: Readers looking for top topnotch science fiction/action will want Time Bomb.


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